Community Outreach

The goal of NGHP outreach services is to reshape the way the community perceives and understands disabilities by teaching businesses, organizations, and community leaders how to be more understanding, accommodating, and inclusive of individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to provide opportunities for this growing population to become more integrated into our community as active and contributing customers, participants, and employees.


Services include:

  • Workplace education and Training
    •  increase understanding of disabilities and its impact on someone in the workplace;
    • increase understanding of positive attributes and contributions to the workplace;
    • receive guidance on best practices for recruiting candidates;
    • increase confidence in managing an employee with a disability;
    • discuss current issues or concerns relating to an employee with a disability;
    • learn how to design and implement appropriate management strategies.


  • Awareness and Education
    • Providing all community stakeholders education and awareness of those with disabilities and how to support this population in our community.


  • Community based events
    • Providing children and families with disabilities events, with appropriate accommodations, to ensure every child has the opportunity to be an active and successful member of our local community.