Educational Planning
Grades K-12

One of our principal services, is educating parents in special education laws and guiding them through the process of developing their child’s individual education plans (IEPs). We plan to assist in reviewing annual IEPs. We will visit a child’s classroom and observe in order to speak knowledgably about the child’s current program and services. This will allow us to assist in developing IEP goals and objectives for the school year.

In addition, we plan to assist in the development of individualized assistance plans as well as creating 504 plans to accommodate a student’s needs.


We understand and are sensitive to the various needs of each student, when developing plans. We believe it is important to work closely with school staff members to successfully accommodate each students’ needs. We also believe that educational planning should encompass the whole child. It is essential to focus on each student’s unique gifts, abilities, and interests. By focusing on the strengths and interests of each child, the educational team can create a plan that includes goals, activities, and accommodations that are tailored to each child.



Services provided by Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership includes being available to attend IEP, 504, and team meetings at school. We take time to understand the whole child by observing the child in the classroom, talking with teachers, observing in the home, and talking with parents. We assist parents in preparing for the meeting by creating questions and requests, prior to the meeting. When attending a child’s meeting, we take notes, ensure parent’s questions are answered and collaborate with the school team to create a plan. In addition, we provide a debriefing meeting for the parents to ensure their understanding on the plan, answer questions, and discuss next steps.



  • Classroom Observations
  • Pre- IEP meeting to discuss questions, concerns, and goals
  • IEP meeting attendance and facilitation
  • Post- IEP meeting to ensure understanding of the plan and next steps