Pre-School Educational
Planning - Ages: 3-5


Early intervention for children with possible special needs is essential for their overall wellbeing and success in school and beyond. Many children in the Georgia may be referred to Babies Can’t Wait by their pediatricians. The mission for Babies Can't Wait is to provide early intervention, supports and resources to assist family members and caregivers to enhance children's learning and development through everyday learning opportunities. Services may be provided by Babies Can’t Wait from birth to age three. However, many families find it challenging to find placement and educational opportunities for their children upon turning three. In addition, other families, who may not have received services from Babies Can’t Wait, realize their child may need intervention, but do not know where to turn.



The Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership will help direct your path for success. If you are concerned that your child may have a disability, first contact your pediatrician with your concerns. Next, contact us. Parents want what is best for their children, but it can be difficult to hear your child has a disability. There are so many unfamiliar words such as psychological evaluation, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, assistive technology, IEP, 504 plan, and parental rights. We will help you navigate the seeming overwhelming process.



We take time to understand the whole child by observing the child in the classroom or daycare facility, talking with teachers, observing in the home, and talking with parents. We assist parents in preparing for the meeting by creating questions and requests, prior to the meeting. When attending a child’s meeting, we take notes, ensure parent’s questions are answered and collaborate with the school team to create a plan. In addition, we provide a debriefing meeting for the parents to ensure their understanding on the plan, answer questions, and discuss next steps. Many parents do not realize that there are local daycares, Headstart classrooms, and school based programs for children with disabilities ages 3-5. If your child is not already in a program, we will help you find a program that suits your child’s unique gifts, abilities, and interests in addition to helping you become your child’s best advocate.



  • Identifying placement needs and options (daycare, Headstart, school based programs)
  • Classroom or daycare observations
  • Pre- IEP meeting to discuss questions, concerns, and goals
  • IEP meeting attendance and facilitation
  • Post- IEP meeting to ensure understanding of the plan and next steps