Transition Planning


All students experience change throughout their school careers, moving onto another grade, changing schools (elementary to middle, middle to high), beginning college, or moving on to vocational training. These are all necessary and important life changes, but can be challenging for children with special needs. Transition can be particularly difficult for parents. Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership will support parents and children with special needs before, during, and after transitions are made throughout the child’s educational career.

Our goal in transition planning involves assuring students that they are building on their success and entering a new and progressive phase of their education. Drawing on our own experience and professional backgrounds, we can develop a plan to bring a sense of continuity to whatever transition may be ahead.



While change is evident throughout a child’s life, it is important to have open and clear communication between the parent, teachers, and clinicians in order to ensure each students’ success. Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership can work with parents, administrators, teachers, students, and the community to identify challenges that may be ahead and to discuss and implement intervention strategies to ensure a smooth transition.